Why Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 was Delayed?

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 is scheduled to be aired on December 29, 2016, but the said episode is delayed. Instead, the network will air Legend of the Blue Sea Special Episode.

For sure, many of the fans will be asking why the much awaited Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 is not aired on its original schedule. However, the reason behind this sudden change remain unclear. According to the network, they will air an special episode instead that will showcase the relationship of Joon Jae and Shim Chung. It will be an episode that will recap what has happened from 1st episode to the last episode aired which is 13.

A representive from SBS released an official statement regarding the abrupt broadcast changes. Here is the statement:

“We’ve created a special episode that will summarize the first half of the drama so that viewers can enjoy it like a movie before the second half of the drama kicks off. The staff will their best for the remainder of the drama to create a top-notch production every episode”

Whatever the reason, it should be for the betterment of the popular Korean Drama. So fans should enjoy the Special Episode as they enjoyed the previous episodes.

Meanwhile, there is a rumor that a new character will be introduced to shake up the story line. It was rumored that Song Kye-Hyo will appear on the upcoming episodes. It was not confirmed yet so fans should just wait and see how the story will evolve. Rest assured, the production team wants an excellent drama.

Watch Legend of the Blue Sea Special Episode HERE



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