Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Cancelled?

When fans of the Descendants of the Sun heard the news that it will have a Season 2, everybody went crazy (including me, lol). Without a doubt, Descendants of the Sun is very popular not only in Asia, but also garnered a worldwide fan base. However, there is a rumor that Descendants of the Sun Season 2 is cancelled. How true is this news?

According to sources, Song Joong Ki will not take the role for the second installment of the super hit Descendants of the Sun drama because of earlier commitments. He is said to be busy filming with Battle Island movie. It is also widely speculated that Song Joong Ki will appear back to Running Man show to fill in Gary Kang.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo may not take the role if Big Boss will not be his leading man. They are so perfect together and it will not be easy for her to adjust to a new leading man whom she is not accustomed to.descendants-of-the-sun-2

Descendants of the Sun 2 is highly expected by eager fans because of its appeal to general audience. With a whopping 40% audience share, producers are talking about a possible second series. But with recent rumors, it seems Descendants of the Sun 2 is still highly unlikely because producers are having a hard time finding perfect replacements with same acting caliber and popularity like Song-Song couple as many netizens call them.

Would you like a second season of your favorite Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun? Would you consider different actors to be the new cast of DOTS? If yes, who would you like to take the leading roles? or you’d rather not want a second season if not the original cast Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo as lead roles? Let us know in comment below.

*Photo credit to owner – DOTS official soundtrack and DOTS still photos on viuTv

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