Perhaps the reason why you are in this blog is because you are looking for ways on how to make money online. Back in my college days, whenever I get connected to the Internet, I always search about work at home programs that will give me the chance to earn money online. You know those data entry thing, click 10 ads a day, PTC programs, HYIP, press the button, catha thing, you name it, i tried them all, but nothing worked for me (maybe for some, but not really for me).

I’ve always been in search of a legit way to make money online using just a computer. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy, never was. The world wide wed is full of garbage and scam sites, but there are legit, legal and trusted sites that really pays you money at the comfort of your home. I am so happy that finally my search is over. I can say that I’ve found the perfect sites, got the right tools and learned the right knowledge. And Yes, I will share them to you…

Here is a list of my Work at Home Programs that I personally tested and tried

  1. OneCoin – The #1 cryptocurrency – my Best Online Business Program
  2. YouGov – Market Research Company that pays your opinion
  3. YouTube – Create your own channel and earn from advertisements
  4. Adsense – Make money online by monetizing your website or blog
  5. Humanatic – Listen to a recorded phone call, answer a simple question and earn real money
  6. Amazon Affiliate – Join the Affiliate Program and earn commission of the sale
  7. Bluehost – web hosting company if you want to start a blog or website

However, let me tell you that online business is just as challenging as any offline business – the only difference is you run it from the comfort of your home. And best thing is you are the boss, no other but only YOU.

At the outset, many harsh factors will play against you before you succeed. These factors could be competition, lack of time and focus, inconsistency, not enough confidence on what you’re doing, difficulty in getting clients or leads, low blog traffic, brain block, etc. BUT determination is the key for every success.

So, are you into online business? Do you want to make money online while you are at the comfort of your home? Let me know. I will be very happy to help you get started!

But wait, there’s more. Apart from my mission to educate and give you tips on how to make money online, I am also interested in sharing to you some photography and technology news as well as Korean Drama Updates (I bet you love the later too, haha). So, from time to time, you will read posts from these categories. Although it is not ideal to mix topics in a blog, but hell why limit my content, right?

I will develop this blog for the purpose of